Many newspapers are held legally liable for their content, even the content that is published by ordinary people who do not work for the organizations. For example, when people take out an advertisement in the publication, the owners and the staff must make sure that all of the advertising rules in the Valley News are met. Before they let people take out these ads, staff members might be advised that clients understand these limitations.

A person wanting to list a garage sale, for example, might be told that pertinent details should be included. The address, as well as some of the items that will be sold, must be factual and not imagined or false. A false advertisement could result in a paper being targeted.

This requirement also could come into play with retailers wanting to publish ads for upcoming sales. A local store that wishes to let the public know about an event may be required to publish factual details and not embellish prices. The publication also has the obligation to make sure these details are correct.

Many newspapers require that clients using advertisements avoid using hateful language, such as those that target certain parts of a population or either gender. Derogatory language could violate federal anti-discrimination laws. The organization may be sued or fined by the government.

This same rule may apply to churches that rely on these announcements. They may avoid targeting the newspaper by using friendly, ecumenical language that complies with laws of advertisements. Using cuss words or inflammatory words may be ill-advised.

These rules for advertising in thisĀ Valley News platform might help the organization avoid getting in trouble. The business may wish to stay clear of fines and other legal action. Thus, they may ask clients to abide by these boundaries when publicizing ads for the public.